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As you allready know that I already have new blog. For that my blog is I will immediately delete it. And instead my new blog is Therefore I need your opinion and suggestion on my new blog. Thank you for your supports

Hello, all of my followers…how are you today. I hope your health and fluency will given ti all of you. And I thank you for fithfully following my blog. To know that is my new blog. And from today onwards I will use as blogging. For that I need support and advice for… Lanjutkan membaca

S H O E S🌺🌺🌺🌺

SHOES πŸ‘‰ The shape is not the same, but harmonious. πŸ‘‰ When walking is never compact, but the goal is the same. πŸ‘‰ Never change positions, but complement each other. πŸ‘‰ Never change partners even though they are worn out and because they are eaten by age. πŸ‘‰ Equal, but no higher or lower. πŸ‘‰… Lanjutkan membaca S H O E S🌺🌺🌺🌺


πŸ‘‰ Arrogant only makes you someone who is not wise. πŸ‘‰ Pride will also make you fall worse. πŸ‘‰ Arrogant is the most dangerous liver disease. πŸ‘‰ pride will make the world look at you with only one eye. πŸ‘‰ There is nothing to boast about, because of what you have, all of them are… Lanjutkan membaca AN AFTERTHOUGHT


Because the wife doesn’t like to dress up, she divorces her, who would have thought he would meet her one day..she cried. My wife and I have been married for years and have 3 children..but I can’t stand with her..she’s fat, ugly, doesn’t like grooming already like different people used to be when dating. I’m… Lanjutkan membaca SHORT STORY…