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Because the wife doesn’t like to dress up, she divorces her, who would have thought he would meet her one day..she cried.

My wife and I have been married for years and have 3 children..but I can’t stand with her..she’s fat, ugly, doesn’t like grooming already like different people used to be when dating.

I’m sirry, why can i marry a bad wife like this.

Seeing her oily face and limp hair, i’ve been holding for 3 years, i finally ventured to divorce her.

Every day, after work i immediately saw her scawny hair falling apart, every day always using the same negligee, her said that it was more comfortablre and esier to clean the house and look after the child.

Since giving birth, her has continued to grow fat and her body is now completely unattractive.

Every time i see a fat stomach, sometimes when i go to meet my friends, they sometimes say, your wife is pregnant again huh?

I’m embarrassed not playing.

Let me say how bad she is, she never cleanses her hair, or her srmpits, sometimes even at home, she doesn’t wear underwear, every night i sleep with her, i feel uncomfortable, every time i see her face and body, and wrinkles on her face, i was not at all interested in her, i just wabted to go stright to sleep.

We are divorced, like thinking and nature is not suitable.

Actualy i can’t see her’s fat and ugly, it doesn’t have anything to do with the nature, it’s just ny reason.

My wife shed tears, but she did not reply to my words at all, she said she respected all my decisions.

Before she left, she still cooked food for me and the children, she also prepared all the children’s school needs.

Then she took the suitcase and left the house.

After that incident i no longer met her for almost 1 year.

Actualy i also feel strange, i often remember her, i often remember the shadow he cooked for me.

She always laughs when playing with the kids, she often ask how my office is, the longer i regret getting divorced from her.

When she was pregbant, we were looking forward to attending….TO BE CONTINUES

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