We used to try to have, now is the time to let go, treasure, throne, child, wife, everything will return to him.

A day goes by,  age decreases,  do good because we don’t  know when we are called.

This life is very short in an instant we start old and surely enter the tomb.

Do not look up will always be lacking,  look down can feel enough and thankful for what is sure to be happy.

The best is to do good, help others,  do not hurt,  train your self well,  to be healthy physically and mentally.

Parents’ love has no limits,  realize,  if the child is sick,  the parents are cut,  if the parents are sick the child just look and asjs.

Children use parents money as required,  but parents use child money to be ashamed.

The parent’s house is a child’s home,  but the child’s home is not a parent’s home. Parents always pray for children,  but children rarely pray for parents. Than supply our grave with a lot of charity, do not depend on the child’s prayer.

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