🍒🍒 Abstinence from our heart

👉 All cold foods and drink that are cold

🌺 Don’t drink ice water

👉 Don’t eat cold food that come out of the refrigerator, it’s better to eat warm food.

🍒🍒 Enemy of our heart

The main conqueror of the heart is after eating, it can drink cold drink.

These are instruction from cardiologists In various parts of the world.



Cold drinks can freeze the oil or fat that we just ate.

Even causing digestion in the stmach to become sluggish.

Once the lump of food that resembles mud meets stmach acid, it decomposes quikly and is absorbed by the intestine and it willstick to the side of the intstine.

Intermittntly it will soon tuen into fat, whch if every day continues like this, then over time can cause diseases, even the main causes of tumors or cancer.

So after eating, you should drink warm water.


25 tanggapan untuk “🍇FOR OUR HEALTH

  1. In Japan,after meal,we have a habit of drinking hot Japanese tea!!:D
    and after drink Hot Japanese tea,we say “Phew~~”.It means “That was delicious! I’m so full!” Hehehe!!:D


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